Flame Cocktail Menu

At Flame Restaurant Belfast, we serve the very best locally sourced produce morning, afternoon and evening, using a traditional fire-based cooking style.
All our drinks are handcrafted in-house, if there is a drink not listed that you might like please ask your server and if possible we will gladly mix it up for you.

Bloody Mary £7.50 – We’ve remained fairly close to the classic recipe.  Although by adding Sawyers distinctive sundried tomato pesto, the vodka flavour does not overpower the drink.

Espresso Martini £7.50 A drink that requires no introduction.  The espresso martini has emerged as one of the most popular cocktails of the last 20 years.  We add Crème de Cacao to Ketel One vodka and Arabica espresso base for that rich finish

Cosmopolitan £7.50- Ketel One Vodka’s slight citrus notes combine perfectly with Cointreau to produce an elegant, more refreshing version of this consummate classic.

Mojito £7.50 Bacardi Original Rum, Lime & sugar ‘’The Holy Trinity’’. This cocktail has stood the test of time and can be enjoyed in various styles.

Old Fashioned £8.50 Smooth. Historic. Culturally Significant.  The Old Fashioned is the world’s most iconic cocktail.  Ordering this drink at Flame is the final step in a long process of preparation and craft.  We house Bulleit Bourbon in an oak cast for up to 3 weeks.  This produces a distinctive, smoky flavour, unique to this restaurant

Margarita £7.50 Few things are set in stone when it comes to cocktails, however we are purists when it comes to a Margarita. Fresh lime juice, tequila and Cointreau……. Classically perfect

Daiquiri £7.50 Few cocktails are as versatile and none more renowned than the Daiquiri. This versatility allows for limitless flavour combinations. Ask your server for the flavour of the day

Dark N Stormy £8.00 By opting for fresh ginger root extract over carbonated ginger ale, this modern classic is given a significant boost in flavour. Velvet Falernum adds some sweetness to the fire and spice present in Gosling’s Navy Seal Rum.~

Sherbet Dip £7.50 Our house cocktail has been an ever present, popular choice. Sweet & smooth, stylish & appropriate. Unfortunately, we can’t share our recipe but you can expect Disaronno to feature.

Irish Maid £8 Belfast has produced some of the world’s best products across a wide range of industries and sports.  With this Bushmills and Elderflower concoction we pay a homage to Belfast – born bartenders who conquered America out of nothing but a passion for their art.

Raspberry Collins £7.50 The Collin’s can be considered the entry level cocktail. Tanqueray’s four botanicals are still present in this classic, even after the inclusion of Chambord, a raspberry reduction and fresh lemon juice. Testament to the quality of this fine gin.

Perfect 10 £8.50  A twist on the classic topped French 75.  Tanqueray 10 and fresh lemon juice are the foundations for a prosecco aperitif.  Bubbles will help to lift the mood early in the evening.

Cucumber Martini £8.50 This cocktail should be the perfect alternative to a Hendricks and tonic.  By shaking the gin in an air-tight container with cucumber pieces and fresh lemon juice the three components blend together to create the ultimate palette cleanser. 

Flame “Pornstar” Martini £9.00 Originated from shady club in Cape Town, South Africa, it was named the ‘Porn Martini’ because of all the passion Douglas Ankrah (Creator) would put into this drink. The idea is to eat the passion fruit first, then drink the prosecco and then enjoy the lavish cocktail.

Pineapple Express £7.50 A tikki cocktail featuring the criminally underused Captain Morgan’s White Rum. Vanilla notes from the rum itself bittersweet passion fruit puree and pineapple juice come together to produce a surprisingly complex drink.